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Intro to Thai Massage - Savasana

120 minute introduction to Thai Massage

class description

James Humecky, a Somatic Educator who, through four foundations for self-mastery, movement, breath, touch, and mindfulness, facilitates your awareness and interpretation of your body language and learn to reprogram your old psychosomatic patterns. He is a dynamic, hands-on therapeutic bodyworker, teacher and former Marine who has created a unique approach to the cultivation of powerful, body-centered self-awareness. For those who are desiring to deepen their study of massage in general, and Thai Massage specifically, this is a great place to start. Invitation to Savasana gives you all the basics to create a beautiful session for professional clients, or at home with friends and loved ones. During this workshop you will learn to use gravity, body weight and leverage as well as compression, acupressure techniques, rocking and gentle lifting, in a therapeutic and graceful manner to move your partner into a state of complete release. This is a Somatic experience, based on the four foundations for embodied self-mastery; breath, movement, mindfulness and touch. We will be using simple Thai Massage techniques to learn to connect with ourselves and others in an organic and healthy, healing dynamic. You also receive a downloadable manual with over 80, full-color images, and space to make personal notes. By going to my website,, you can register for the free “Introduction to Somatic Thai” course and have access to a video of the full, Invitation to Savasana flow and two supplementary videos demonstrating basic techniques for the back and shoulders; all with clear verbal instruction. As an added bonus for attending this in-person class, when you register on-line, I will personally send you a code to receive a 20% discount on my Level 1&2, Somatic Thai Massage courses, (a $40 value).

  • 60 US dollars
  • UrbanCore Event

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