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UrbanCore Studios

community powered hot yoga in the heart of town

preserving downtown Bakersfield's yoga culture

UrbanCore Unlimited - First Month Only $39 with code UNLIMITED39

"yoga is not about achievement. it is not about competition or being better, but it is about challenge with yourself"
Sat Purusha

we are proud to be locally owned in downtown Bakersfield

within every community, the “urban core” is at the center and heart of town – interconnecting the flow of people and places that act as the lifeblood, pulsing rhythmically like the heart.

UrbanCore strives to live up to its name and concept, being located in the center of Bakersfield, interconnecting people from across the community, and pulsing to a rhythmic, hot yoga experience.

UrbanCore hosts a collective of instructors who are empowered to feature their individual style of building physical strength and mental endurance through the practice of meditative awareness, controlled breath and intentional movement. 

UrbanCore provides a platform and sense of place for practitioners of hot yoga and other mindful exercises, inclusive of beginners and experts alike.

where the urban core is at the heart of the community, you are at the heart of UrbanCore.

find your flow

UrbanCore classes are instructor-curated and welcome to all levels from beginner to advanced​​

we offer a variety of class types and times - early morning workouts to late evening restorative sessions. You'll find it all at UrbanCore!

Yoga HIIT + Power Flow + Gentle & Fitness Stretch +

Mobility & Flexibility + Movement + Guided Meditation

see class schedule & app for more information


in addition to drop-in classes, we have UrbanCore Class memberships:

UrbanCore Unlimited

+ no contracts

+ month-to-month

+ unlimited UrbanCore classes

+ no cancellation fees

+ borrow yoga mat for free

+ discounts on UrbanCore events


first month with sign-up code:


renews at $69/month

UrbanCore Weekend

+ no contracts

+ month-to-month

+ unlimited UrbanCore Fri - Sun

+ no cancellation fees

+ borrow yoga mat for free

+ discounts on UrbanCore events


first month with sign-up code:


renews at $49/month

Partner Classes @ UrbanCore

in addition to our incredible UrbanCore Classes the studio is also home to Partner Classes.

Partner Classes are instructed by a collective of independent fitness, wellness, and creative leaders and allow us to bring a variety of diverse classes all to one place - the heart of town!

Partner Classes can be found in our class schedule for easy booking and are available as single-class drop-in.


Private Group Class

+ private instructor

+ group sizes up to 21

+ customized class and experience

+ Party Flow add on option


by UrbanCore

are you a fitness, wellness, or creative leader looking for a venue to host your classes, appointments, or events and an existing platform to find new clients?

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