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community powered

centered in history

what does “community powered” mean? UrbanCore was founded by students just like you - not instructors. In fact, when we’re in class we’ll likely be somewhere toward the back. we simply believe downtown Bakersfield deserves a place like this and we’re proud to be playing our role in creating this space - the intersection of students, instructors, and studio.

the James Building @ 20th & Eye

UrbanCore is located in the heart of town, between Dagny's Coffee Shop and the historic Fox Theater, the studio itself is the birthplace of Bakersfield's downtown yoga scene. steeped in a healthy history, the tradition continues now with UrbanCore.

a simple, single-room studio, two restrooms and back-of-studio lounge.

we keep it hot and well insulated to efficiently preserve your energy. for the best experience, class size is limited to 21 students. so feel free to stretch out and test your balance without fear of invading your neighbor’s space or vice versa.

free storage lockers, blocks, straps, and a limited number of mats are available to borrow if needed.

you are one of us. and, like us, the roads on your journey to personal wellness have led you to UrbanCore. all ranges of experience, interest, and fitness levels are welcome. come as you are, but come prepared.

bring the essentials: mat, towel, water

all roads meet at UrbanCore

the studio

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