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Studio & Classes

How hot is the UrbanCore Studio?

Our studio is gently heated with an average temperature during class time of ~90 degrees Fahrenheit. We feel this temperature hits just the right spot for warming up the muscles and increasing flexibility without being overwhelming to the body.

How many people are in class?

The studio space can hold close to 30 individuals however we cap the number at no more than 21. We think the group experience is better when you still have room to move around without worrying about your neighbor.

Where is the studio located?

UrbanCore is located in the heart of town - Downtown Bakersfield! Our address is 1614 20th Street, conveniently located between Dagny's Coffee Shop and The Fox Theater.

Is parking available?

Yes, there is free street parking right in front of the studio. Depending on the happenings of downtown there may be limited spots (especially on evenings when The Fox and/or Dagny's are having events) - arrive early!

Do you have lockers or anywhere to put my things?

Yes, we have lockers available for free to store your keys, shoes, sunglasses, etc.

How early should I arrive for class?

Please arrive a few minutes early, just enough time to put your items away in the locker, find a spot to lay out your mat, and get settled before class starts. Please be respectful of the instructors time by not showing up "too early" - they will be setting up the space to suit their class style. Please do not arrive late to class.

What if I'm running late to class?

Please plan to arrive a few minutes early. Instructors begin class at the scheduled time and, to prevent distractions and ensure the comfort of all students, lock the door at their discretion.

What should I bring to class?

Bring a yoga mat, a towel to cover your mat and for wiping sweat, and water to stay hydrated. We also recommend wearing lightweight, breathable clothing that allows for ease of movement.

What if I don't own a yoga mat or forgot mine?

No mat? No worries! We have a limited number of mats to borrow during class for free! Just ask the instructor before class starts. We don't charge a rental fee like other studios - no need to worry about handling money before class starts. Just come and experience the studio stress free. We recommend purchasing your own mat if you plan to be a regular.

Membership & Class Payment

Can I pay for drop-in or membership in person at the studio?

No. All drop-in and memberships must be purchased in our app or on our website before class starts. We are unable to sell passes or memberships in person at the studio. Please respect the instructor's focus on creating the best experience by handling all class payment and registration online ahead of time.

How can I purchase a class pass or membership?

You can purchase drop-ins and memberships in the app or our website.

Are there any initiation fees or contract minimums for the unlimited membership?

No. Initiation fees and contracts are common in the fitness industry but we don't like them, so we don't have them.

No initiation fees, no "annual maintenance" fees, no mat rental fees, no contract minimums. If you sign up for our membership and don't like it, you can submit a one month pause or cancellation with a 14 day notice.

Can I get a refund on a drop-in or membership that I no longer want to use?

We offer extremely reasonable and flexible payment options without contracts. Drop-ins cannot be refunded, please consider this commitment when booking a class as a drop-in. Memberships can be paused at any time or can be cancelled with 14 day notice but we are unable to issue refunds. Membership that auto-renew within 14 days of cancellation request submission will be charged once more before cancellation is complete. Submit membership requests here.

I need to switch, pause or cancel my membership, how do I do that?

Membership switch, pause and cancellation requests can be submitted here.

My credit or debit card payment information changed, how do I update it?

To update payment information, please submit the secure Update Payment Information form here.

UrbanCore App

Do you have an app? Do I need the app?

Yes, we do have an app. No, you don't "need" the app. Our class booking app makes purchasing class passes and booking classes very easy but it's not required. Our website is optimized for mobile and you can do everything on the website. If you would like to download the app - please see instructions here.

I signed up on the website, then downloaded the app, but my account doesn't show on app, why?

If you signed up on the website first with an email & password, please do not use Google or Apple app log-in option if you've already signed up on the website. In the app, please log in using the same email address and password used on the website.

Other Considerations

What if I feel dizzy or overwhelmed during class?

If you ever feel lightheaded, dizzy, or overwhelmed during class, it's important to listen to your body. Take a break, come into a resting pose (such as Child's Pose), and focus on your breath. Feel free to ask for assistance from the instructor if needed. We have a non-heated lounge area "in the back" which also has two gender-neutral restrooms available. Feel free to step back there for as long as you need.

Is the heated environment safe for everyone?

We are gently heated to ~90F and are safe for most individuals, but it's always important to listen to your body and consult with your healthcare provider if you have any concerns or pre-existing medical conditions. We encourage students to stay hydrated, take breaks when needed, and honor their personal limits during practice.

Can I attend a heated class if I'm pregnant?

Please consult your doctor before attending any class.

Can I attend class if I have an injury or medical condition?

Please consult your doctor before attending any class. If you choose to attend class with an injury or medical condition, you are responsible for informing the instructor of modification needs and you are responsible for choosing to engage in class.

Can I bring my child to a class?

Unfortunately we are not able to admit minors (under 17) into class unless the class or workshop is specifically noted as child-friendly.

Recurring Membership Management


I need to switch, pause or cancel my recurring membership, how do I do that?

Membership switch, pause and cancellation requests can be submitted here.

My credit or debit card payment information changed, how do I update it?

To update payment information, please submit the secure Update Payment Information form here.

Contact Us

I have additional questions, how can I contact you?

We're happy to help, please contact us here.

Can I rent the studio for a special event/class?

Of course! Please reach out to us directly.

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