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UrbanCore group classes

classes are instructor-curated and welcoming of all levels from beginner to advanced​

instructors are encouraged to bring their own unique style - expect variation and a different experience by each instructor.


Restorative Flow

indulge in deep relaxation and rejuvenation. Gentle and soothing practice designed to promote profound rest and healing for both the body and mind. Through the use of props and supported poses, you will experience gentle stretches, mindful breathing, and longer holds allowing your body to release tension and stress



high intensity interval training focuses on functional body weight movement to strengthen and sculpt your muscles. This class resembles a "boot camp" style workout and aims to develop your stamina and strength. Expect to leave class sweaty!


Power Flow

after getting the body warmed up, instructors move quickly between poses challenging the body. This high energy class links breath with movement to build strength, flexibility, and focus and makes for an invigorating yoga practice. You'll feel muscle lengthen and your body detoxify as you work up a sweat. Class ends with a restorative calm.

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Pilates + Tai Chi

a seamless blend of the core-strengthening principles of Pilates with the graceful, meditative movements of Tai Chi. Mindful breathing and controlled exercises, you'll cultivate a deeper connection between mind, body, and flexibility.



expand your range of motion, flexibility, and sports recovery. With yoga-inspired movements and static stretching, reduce and prevent muscle stiffness. With expert guidance from a skilled instructor, you'll learn proper techniques to move with ease and feel more limber and fit for both your daily life as well as within your athletic pursuits.



a journey of inner exploration and tranquility in our guided meditation session. Offering a sanctuary for relaxation and mindfulness amidst the hustle of everyday life. Gentle guidance and soothing imagery, you'll be led to a state of deep relaxation.

not ready to join a class or looking for a more personalized session to take your practice to the next level? we'll connect you with an instructor to facilitate your private lesson

private lessons

looking for a fun, healthy activity for your team or group of friends? want to celebrate with a sweat?

the studio is great for gatherings of up to twenty people.

we'll connect you with an instructor to schedule your event.

team building
& group sessions

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