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historic location

the James Building @ 20th & Eye

UrbanCore is at the center of Bakersfield's yoga community. located in the heart of town, between Dagny's Coffee Shop and the historic Fox Theater, the studio itself is the birthplace of Bakersfield's downtown yoga scene. steeped in a healthy history, the tradition continues now with UrbanCore.

a single studio insulated to preserve the energy created by an intimate class size of 21 students. additional amenities include two restrooms, a back-of-studio lounge, locker storage, and blocks, straps, and a limited number of mats available to borrow.

UrbanCore Studios was founded by students like yourself, who are proud to play a role in preserving the yoga scene of downtown Bakersfield. we believe in continuing the tradition set forth by the local yoga practitioners before us of offering affordable and accessible yoga to all.


you are one of us. and, like us, the roads on your journey to personal wellness have led you to UrbanCore. all ranges of experience, interest, and fitness levels are welcome. come as you are, but come prepared. bring the essentials: mat, towel, water

community powered

all roads meet at UrbanCore

the studio

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