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I'm Chris! I am a local born and raised in Kern County and Bakersfield. After serving in the military for over six years as a Hospital Corpsman in the Navy (to include a tour to Iraq), and serving my community as a Paramedic I immediately recognized the benefits of yoga as a form of complimentary and alternative medicine to help cope with post-traumatic stress and its associated symptoms. Yoga had so profoundly helped me change my life that I began practicing daily, and set out to begin training as an instructor so that I could share my experience and help others find a path forward to a better life. Yoga has not only helped me find a deeper connection within myself, but with my wife and children as well. When off the mat I enjoy spending time with my family.


My favorite classes to teach are:


Mind-body stress reduction

Mindful resilience compassion fatigue 

Flows to emphasize strength and endurance

Flows that reinforce security as it pertains to self-confidence and purpose

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