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Hi, I'm David Delgado and I love sharing yoga with all sorts of different people, from first timers to long-term practitioners.

When I started my yoga practice I had many challenges with flexibility, placement of my body, and most importantly how to breathe. I thought, this can't be for me - I am too inflexible, stressed, traumatized, rational, unfit... - but here's what I found: yoga isn't for professionals like those we so often see on Instagram.


It's more like going on dates with your body and learning more about yourself and your body. Becoming one by growing stronger together through flow and movement.

The more I practiced my yoga poses, the more I was strengthening my relationship with my mind, my body and soul. I believe people of all demographics will benefit from yoga sessions.

My training in Iyengar and Vinyasa yoga have given me experience to play with different poses and articulate different sequences. I feel my training has given me the tools to support my demographic in achieving something I know matters to them. It is so meaningful to me to have students say "that was a great class" or "that was a great workout".

So if you are ready to take the plunge, it would be nice to see you on the mat in class!

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