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My name Maricel and I’m eager for you to grow with us at UrbanCore! Yoga to me is a discovery of mind and body. A place to be at any point of YOUR yoga journey.


I began my practice over a decade ago but it wasn’t until my journey led me to teaching when my practice became increasingly refined. It is because of yogis like you who inspire me to bring back the sense of wonder we had as children as we discovered more flexibility, more confidence and more freedom!


I love guiding students through powerful flows, lengthening and deepening poses helping to release disorganized fascia down to the smallest yet intricate and essential muscles of the spine. Facia is the very fabric that connects the body from the toes to the top of the head!


A medical professional by trade, a mother to two teenagers, a wife, a dance mom and a business owner, I am all too familiar with the stressors life can bring; with so much energy that bounces around in our everyday lives, positive and negative.


Yoga is not an just exercise but a lifestyle to achieve balance of all of that energy. It’s a place that we can go to eustress or de-stress. A place where we don’t need anything but a mat. Allow me guide you to that place. See you at UrbanCore!

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