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Hello, I'm Michael! A passionate and positive strength coach privileged with the opportunity to better those around me. I'm super excited to teach a targeted mobility training method proven to improve flexibility and increase mobility. I use a widely accessible approach to loosen up tight hamstrings, unlock stiff hips, and strengthen lower backs.

I also teach a fitness class focusing on strength inducing body weight movements. I break it down into three main groups: upper body, lower body, and core. Within each group, we perform different exercises for three rounds taking a short rest between groups. It's fun functional fitness!

You can find me spending time building my faith, bettering my family, and bringing the fire in fitness. I enjoy reading, riding, and running. But most of all, relating and relaxing are what I do best. If you have all you need, then give all you have. Sharing is what shapes us and shines through us.

Let's better ourselves, together!

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