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UrbanCore referral program

UrbanCore Referral Program is now a membership benefit available to all active UrbanCore Unlimited members!

Membership Benefit Highlights:

  • receive a personalized referral promo code - easily share with friends, family and more (available upon request)

  • earn rewards for each qualifying referral - ​no limit to reward earning potential

  • referred/new members receive an incredible introductory first-month rate:

    • Monthly Unlimited only $39

  • grow a diverse and valuable community, support a local small business, and empower those you care most about to start a new healthy activity

Membership Referral Rewards:

  • 25% OFF  your next monthly membership dues for each qualifying referral

  • UrbanCore Merch with 5 qualifying referrals - tank top, v-neck, or hat

How To Refer:

  • simply share your personalized referral promo code and encourage others to use it!

What is a Qualifying Referral?

  • referrals qualify for rewards when your referral promo code is used by a new member to start a Monthly Unlimited membership and makes one successful auto renewal payment.

  • full program rules are below

personalized referral code available upon request, please contact

Membership Referral Program Rules:

  • Referral Program is a Membership Benefit available only to Monthly Unlimited members with "active" memberships - referring/existing member membership status must be "active" at both time of referral and time of reward distribution. Memberships with status of "suspended", "payment failed", "pending cancellation", "cancelled" or in "grace period" are not eligible for rewards.

  • Referral Program applies only to new Unlimited Monthly memberships

    • returning unlimited members who previously cancelled their memberships are welcome to use a referral promo code for a discounted first-month but do not count as a qualifying referral.​

  • Referral Program does not apply to new memberships started as part of any other promotion including the Heroes & Students program. One promotion per person.

  • Referral promo code can be shared and used an unlimited number of times but can only be used once per person

  • Referral promo code must be used at initial time of sign-up and cannot be retroactively applied to qualify as a qualifying referral

  • 25% OFF is earned as a referral credit and is issued as a refund to the referring/existing member once the referral is a qualified referral

  • A qualified referral occurs when both of the following have occurred:

    • new/referee member uses the referring/existing member's referral promo code to start the Monthly Unlimited membership

    • new/referee member's membership first auto-renew payment is successful

  • Referral credit is issued once the referral successfully becomes a qualifying referral

  • Referral credit maximum distribution in one month is equal to referring/existing member's monthly membership rate (100% or 4 successful referrals); additional referral credits earned will be distributed in the subsequent billing cycle.

  • Upon achieving 5 qualifying referrals, the referring/existing member - in addition to the referral credit - receives their choice of one of the following merch items while supplies last: UrbanCore Tank Top, UrbanCore Vneck, or UrbanCore Hat

  • UrbanCore Referral Merch Reward is only available once per referring/existing member

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