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UrbanCore Studios - Standard Operating Procedures, Guidelines and Expectations - v1.0


Studio Pre-Set Controls (AUTO)

  • Central Heat: Nest Thermostat auto sets to 90F (max allowable) before class starts


Class PREP (Instructor):

  • Wall Heaters ON

    • turn on - "On" button is at the top center of circular display (sometimes hard to see) - just press

    • leave heaters on "low" to avoid blowing the breaker 

  • Ceiling Display & Projector ON

    • overhead lights: white, skinny/small remote at instructor station​

    • projectors:

      • front/street projector: larger silver remote​ (takes a moment to warm up)

      • back projector: smaller white remote (takes a moment to warm up)

    • apple tv: small silver remote​​

      • Youtube premium, no ads​

  • Music/Speakers

    • wake up each speaker from standby mode if needed (flip on/off switch to on)​

    • bluetooth: connect to "Logitech BT Adaptor"

      • Note: if first time or does not show up on list, press button on top of the square Logitech device near instructor station. If you've connected before and it doesn't connect, "forget device" and then click button and connect.

      • once you're connected, a chime will play

  • Globes ON & OUT:

    • mirror wall globes: remote is in instructor station​ (white square remote)

    • floor globes: remote(s) are on the top of globe station (white square remote with black edge)

  • Unlock front door 

  • Check-in students as they arrive

    • required to verify they have paid, signed liability waiver, and registered for the class

    • ipad password is 161420 (remember our address: 1614 20th Street)

  • Offer mat, blocks, straps to borrow as necessary

  • Lock front door at start of class or after all students have arrived

    • upper door lock (black electronic lock), simply turn deadbolt knob to lock & unlock from inside​

  • Advise students where restrooms and “break” areas are located


Your Class, Your Style:

  • Nothing illegal or dangerous please :) 

  • Complimentary H20 at props station & cold towels in fridge(s)


Back-to-Back Class Handoff

  • Hardstop at end time to allow for efficient handoff/swap


End of Class:

  • Towel bucket near exit

  • Unlock front door

  • Loaner materials (mats, blocks, and straps) collected and stored 

    • IF used props are sweaty, offer wipes for student to wipe down


(Scenario 1) Class Immediately Following:

  • Disconnect from speakers

  • Courtesy cleanliness check of studio for next instructor

  • Ensure next instructor is onsite before leaving

  • DO NOT leave studio OPEN/UNATTENDED without an instructor present


(Scenario 2) Last Class of Morning, Last Class of Day, or No Class Immediately Following: 

  • Disconnect from speakers

  • Courtesy cleanliness check of studio for next instructor

  • Projectors OFF

    • press "off" button twice for each projector/remote​

  • Wall Heaters OFF

  • Floor Globes OFF and in stations CHARGING

  • Towel bucket EMPTIED in storage area

  • Wall Globes OFF

  • Lights OFF

  • Studio VACATED

  • Doors LOCKED


  • This is an old building and sometimes the breaker blows

  • If front/mirror wall heaters and bluetooth device do not work, there is no power

  • In the Lobby/Lounge/Back Waiting Area:

    • Move standing mirror away from wall​

    • Remove block of wood along back wall

    • Breaker is located behind block of wood (see image below)

    • Flip the two switches labeled "Front Wall" (see image below, switch is circled in red) to OFF

    • Flip the two switches labeled "Front Wall" back to ON

    • Replace wood block and mirror

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