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caring is at the heart of it all

the UrbanCore Cares initiative is our way of showing gratitude toward the community that supports and cares about us. we continually seek out local businesses, non-profits and organizations that are like-minded and foster the diverse, equitable and inclusive community that ultimately benefits us all.

commitment to community

at UrbanCore, we are committed to community and are community-minded in all we do. not only do we provide centrally-located, accessible and diverse classes, but we actively find ways to give back and reciprocate the support that we enjoy as a locally owned, small business run by a diverse crew.

start with one's self

it all started with a mission to preserve a personally impactful place of practice.

on that journey to find our sense of place, it was clear that this place positively impacted more than just ourselves -- we continue to meet incredible people from all walks of life and have decided to expand on that effort! 

a shift to selfless

knowing that personal wellness often extends outward to the greater community's wellness, whether that reach is to close friends and family, or reaches far to a stranger that seems a world apart, we've directed our efforts to promote a wellness-focused community that fosters accessibility, inclusion and diversity through our giveback program dubbed UrbanCore Cares.

gratitude for these groups

the UrbanCore crew of instructors and students alike are in and of itself a community made up of astoundingly diverse backgrounds and involvement. thus, it goes without saying why we are grateful for the work being done by the following non-profits and for their contributions to the community, ranging from social justice and advocacy, to the performing arts, and to environmental restoration for the public good:

The Center for Sexuality & Gender Diversity

DAT Krew

The Dolores Huerta Foundation

Empty Space Productions

Kern Down Syndrome Network

Special Olympics

White Wolf Wellness Foundation

The Wounded Heroes Fund

Kern County Family Justice Center Foundation

all thanks to you

not only do you contribute your physical being, your time and your energy to making our humble community at UrbanCore, but your membership allows us to pay it forward and give back to something greater and beyond ourselves. interested in learning more and supporting a local nonprofit or organization? check out the Kern Community Foundation's brilliant fundraising platform: 

Give Big Kern at!

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