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by UrbanCore Studios

a hub of recreation powered by a community of independent fitness, wellness, and creative leaders

your studio, your style

the UrbanCore Studio in Downtown Bakersfield is the perfect setting for a variety of classes... with no front desk staff to get in your way, the studio is all yours!

peak versatility

yoga classes, private lessons, personal training, specialty fitness classes, content creation & livestream, martial arts, Zumba, dance, pilates, massage therapy, physical therapy, Reiki, meditation, counseling, accupuncture, HIIT, bootcamps, aerobics, Tai Chi, soundbaths, mini concerts, seances ...     endless possibilities.


  • amazing downtown location

  • free, convenient street parking for yourself & clients

  • easy access to >30,000 people who work downtown and >15,000 residents who call downtown home every day

  • ~900 sq ft of studio space + lounge/consultation area

  • 11' tall ceilings

  • surround sound stereo system (connect via bluetooth)

  • two projectors with Youtube Premium (AppleTV)

  • fully customizable lighting (overhead, floor globe lights)

  • two restrooms

  • 21 client lockers

  • blocks, bolsters, knee pads, and straps to borrow

  • storage area for your equipment

empower your inner entrepreneur


No maintenance

No overhead

No startup costs

No commitments

No utility costs

No long-term rent

No building Insurance

No worries


schedule your sessions at times that work for you and your client(s).


no membership requirement for you or your clients.

build your own following!


no cap on income potential or revenue sharing with studio!


we provide an unlimited ability to grow your business; on your terms.


great for those just getting started or with an established following

NEW: don't like managing payments? We'll take care of it. Focus on what you enjoy most - working with clients!

set up payment per class or sell memberships, we'll handle the back-end management.

photo gallery

two incredible business models - choose the best for your goals


simply reserve the studio on an hourly basis - as much or as little as you need

market & bill your own clients


list your classes on the UrbanCore scheduling platform for free

charge your own rate, we handle billing

contact us today, start your fitness following!

Thank you! We're excited to get started!

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